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Sunshine. Beach. Turquois water. All mental images that conjure a relaxing sigh. In the spirit of Tommy Bahama’s National Relaxation Day, we look at inspiring seascapes and their color palettes and attempt to translate their calming energy into interior design. Drawing inspiration from white sand beaches, Polynesian bungalows, palm trees and teal-colored seas, the color palette below focuses on the spa-like qualities of island life.

True to its name, Ocean Club embodies this island spirit through its east-meets-west design common throughout the South Pacific Islands. The collection thoughtfully incorporates wave motifs – as shown in the etched sea glass on the sideboard, linear architecture and a two-tone finish. The collection also purposefully utilizes light. This is especially apparent in the mirror’s complex finish, a sun-drenched sienna coloration to the front and the walnut finish as the backdrop, which highlights its radial slat design. The subtle illumination is similar to what one might experience in the evening hours on the beach.

In terms of color, the collection utilizes neutral-toned base cloths with aqua colored accents. Palm prints on the throw pillows add a tropical feel to the group, while the dark finish of the frames contrasts the lighter hues throughout the room.

Our next color palette consists of burnt oranges, vibrant reds, soft pinks tied together with earth-tone neutrals. The vision for this palette is taken from the spectacular colors of a sunset on the sea.